Students of the Month

Students of the Month


Student: Zach Ables

Teacher: Justin Burns

“Zach always gives his personal best and arrives ready to learn everyday. He leads by example and has a positive attitude in the classroom.”




Student: Macey Gean

Teacher: Brittany Leitherland

“Macey radiates positivity and works hard at all that she does. She continues this attitude and work ethic beyond the classroom and supports and encourages others. Macey is a student that stands out as a freshman, and I predict she will continue to shine throughout her high school career.”


Student: Abby Patterson

Teacher: Jill Powers

“Abby displays her personal best in every area. She is an integral member of the cheer and dance teams. She strives for excellence in every class. Abby has a positive attitude and treats her peers with respect and kindness.”







Student: Zoie Springer

Teacher: Courtney Babbit

“I’ve been extremely impressed with Zoie’s hard work and dedication in Pre-Calculus this year. She always goes above and beyond in the classroom. She certainly displays Choctaw PRIDE through continued determination and excellence!”


Student: Robert Brown

Teacher: Rebecca Powell

“Robert demonstrates Choctaw PRIDE everyday. He is always ready to learn and gives 100% in his school work.”









Student: Adryana Mar

Teacher: Marjie Sanderson

“Adryana gives 100% to everything she has done in class. She is very active in class discussions with extremely thoughtful, wise, and articulate answers. She shows wisdom, sense of responsibility, maturity, and excellence in all she does that extends beyond her years.”


Student: Isaac Pledge

Teacher: Amy Mobley

“Isaac is very dependable and responsible. He is always willing to help when needed.”




Student: Shelby Warren

Teacher: Melissa Hart

“Shelby always has a positive attitude and a smile. She is responsible, helpful, courteous, and exhibits great school spirit and Choctaw pride.”




Student: Alexia Fields

Teacher: Michael Shirley

“Alexia demonstrates determination on a regular basis. She is always on time and ready to do whatever must be done to accomplish her goals. She is not afraid of a challenge, and she is willing to ask for help when she needs it. Our world would be a better place if it had more courteous, hard-working learners like Alexia.”







Student: Karis Newsom

Teacher: Lucia Martinez

“Karis is an outstanding student that always gives 100%, has a positive attitude, and leads by example. ”







Student: Cole Webb

Teacher: Officer Walker

¨When the SROs and guidance were busy at the beginning of the school year, Cole jumped in and helped out. He never complained about anything, and he did whatever he was asked to do.







Student: Chasity Shaw

Teacher: Jessica Tickle

¬®Chasity is always willing to help and shows respect to her teachers and peers. She has a positive attitude, comes prepared for class, and is ready to learn.”