Drama Club Tech Crew


Felicity Lindberg

The Drama Club is performing their play, “Murder’s in their Heir” this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (October 24th-26th) “Murder’s in the Heir” is an audience interactive murder mystery-comedy written by Billy St. John and directed by school Choir/Theatre teacher, Mrs. Reachel Hudgins and school English teacher, Ms. Hilary Norrid. The audience will get to vote on who they believe the  murderer is during the intermission of the show. We all know what the actors job is during a show. They get to be front and center performing the show to the audience. Meanwhile, have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a production? For this production they have many different varieties of crew behind the scenes. All the microphones working to make sure you can hear the actors? All the light changes, and the sounds that are used to create a bigger effect? Those would be at the hands of the light and sound crew. Directly above the house of the theatre you will see the tech booth, where the lights and sound people sit. For this production, they have Ian Hensley, Jaxon Pitts, and Tasha Stewert. They also have Jenna-Claire Armstrong working the spotlight for the production directly under the tech booth, all the way at the back of the theatre. 

Tech crew is a very important role in the production. They’re not always seen, but they’re extremely beneficial to the show and the show’s outcome. Without them there would be dead silence parts of where there should be a sound effect, the same stage lights throughout the entirety of the show, etc, the list of amazing things the tech crew works on could go on and on. They have worked incredibly hard this production to give the effects the actors need on stage for their cues, for a scene to change, etc. Usually tech crew doesn’t start coming to rehearsal until the week before the production, so everything they do is done, worked on, and perfected less than 2 weeks before the show. Remember that the next time you go to see a production, and stick around afterwards to give the crew a round of applause. Come support the Drama Club this week at 7pm each night! Tickets are $5.