LaQuinton Wells Going Down in History


Katie Stover and Mia Townsend

LaQuinton Wells will go down in history at Dyer County High school. If you don’t know why, then we’ll tell you. LaQuinton Wells broke the record for the most touchdowns in a season. It’s a great accomplishment, he should be very proud of. We, at Tribal Media, thought it was right to ask him a few questions on this great accomplishment.


Q: “How does it feel to have broken the record for the most touchdowns in a season?”


A: “It feels good, something I’ve wanted all throughout the season.”


Q: “How hard did you push yourself to get to where you are today?”


A: “I pushed myself hard, practiced hard, worked out a lot. I made sure I did what I had to do to get where I got.”


Q: “Was it your goal to break this record, or did it just kind of happened?”


A: “It was my goal all throughout the season.”


Q: “Are you happy with the outcome of your record, or do you wish to do better?”


A: “I wanna do better.”


Q: “Will you ever pursue football as a career, like in the NFL? 


A: “I plan to pursue football as a career in the NFL.”


Q: “Did any recent injuries affect how you played throughout the rest of the season?”


A: “No, I played through all my injuries.”


Q: “What is your favorite kind of cough drop?” 

(Katie-I have no clue why this was a question, Mia came up with the questions.)

(Mia-I came up with this question because I needed to buy some good cough drops)

A: “Halls Strawberry Cheesecake.”