Choctaws Show No Mercy

Mia Townsend, Sports Editor

The past months from 2019-2020, the boys and girls basketball teams have been playing and dominating their opponents. While they have been getting many many wins, they’ve also lost a few games. But that is okay because they won a lot more than what they lost. The boys won 19 games out of 24 games meaning they’ve only lost 5 games. Though this may be true, the guys have a winning streak of  The girls, on the other hand, have won 20 games out of 24 meaning they’ve lost 1 less than the guys. So far, the boys are on a 14-row win streak whilst the girls are on a 3-row streak. Hopefully, they keep up the good work. If you would like to know the scores of their scores, the “Scores and Schedule” has been updated as of now.