Ali Spence, Videographer

Prom season is coming around the corner. Don’t know how to ask your date to prom? I’ve got the ideas for you! I have ideas from corny to adorable and lowkey to over the top. Boys, I’ve got ideas for you and even the girls that are dating someone a little younger or from a different school too. 

#1: TV Shows

Do y’all have a TV show that y’all like to watch together? Do you know of a show they are OBSESSED with? Ask them with that! Here is an example of a guy asking a girl to prom with a Grey’s Anatomy idea.

#2: Sports

If they play sports, ask them after their game or just at any point, but with the sport they love!

#3: Hunting

If they like to hunt, be a DEER and ask them to prom.

#4: Scavenger Hunt

Send them on a scavenger hunt! Make them go all around just for you to ask them one little question. It’ll be super fun and cute.

#5: Food

Ask them with their favorite food! Something cute AND edible!

#6: Something They Love

Ask them with something they enjoy doing. If your boyfriend or girlfriend like to play video games, here is a great idea! Just ask them with anything they enjoy doing. Video games, shopping, books, etc.