The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial Conspiracy


Noah Larson, Journalist

It was a warm day in June when a horrifying site was found. It would be the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman, and the prime suspect of this heinous crime would be Nicole Brown’s ex-husband O.J. Simpson. Simpson had a flight to Chicago and he would leave his house at around 11:30 p.m., and experts would say that the murders happened in the late evening. Things would go haywire once O.J. got back from Chicago. O.J. would then be involved in a police chase while he was in his Bronco going 17 mph on the highway with a gun to his head saying that he loved his ex-wife and he would never commit a crime that horrific to someone he cared for. The chase would end at his Los Angeles estate where he would be taken into custody. The trial that would follow after this crime would be called the Trial of the Century, but what if the wrong person was on trial or there was a mental illness to play for this crime. Many conspiracies would come into light as time went on, but there are a few that have a lot of meat on them.

The first conspiracy is that it was O.J. Simpson’s son who committed the murders. People go with this conspiracy because they believe that O.J. was trying to protect Jason Simpson (aka O.J.’s son). The first piece of evidence that experts look at when discussing this theory is the disorder that Jason had. Jason had a bad anger problem that made him hard to interview, and this problem would be a major problem because a suspect was looked over. Another piece of evidence to support this conspiracy is the Jeep that was own by Jason. Jason’s Jeep was bought by William Dear a private investigator who has looked over this case and believes Jason committed the crime. Dear watched says that he watched the Jeep after the murders, and after these murders, the Jeep was put into hiding in a storage facility in Los Angeles. Dear begged the LAPD to look at the Jeep and take DNA samples of it, and Dear also wanted the LAPD to look in the storage facility because if they did the LAPD would find a box that would have a major piece of evidence. The major piece of evidence that was found by Dear was what Dear believes to be the murder weapon which is a replica of a Gerber Mark 5. He believes that this is the murder weapon because it matches the lacerations on the top of Nicole Brown’s head. With these pieces of evidence, Jason should have been the main suspect, but O.J. would take the fall for him. O.J. probably did this because of how some of the cops were racist to African Americans, so he was shielding Jason from first-hand racism because if Jason was in the situation his dad was in Jason would probably take his life.

The second conspiracy that has evidence to support it is that O.J. was suffering from a brain disorder called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or more commonly called CTE. This disorder is very common in NFL players that take hard hits to the brain, and this condition affects the person’s personality, thinking, memory, and behavior. O.J. has come out and said that he is afraid of the possibility that he may have this specific condition, and the reason he says that he could have it is that forgets things like people he should know or a phone number. The evidence for this conspiracy is the phone call that Nicole made to the police one day on October 25, 1993, because O.J. was enraged. In the call, Nicole says that O.J. busted down the door to yell at his ex-wife, and the thing that gives this conspiracy weight is that O.J. was completely sober during this altercation. This incident would show that O.J.’s brain was not in the best shape because from experts from the case O.J. could be a sweet kind man, but he then could do a 180 and go into a rage.

The case would end with the final verdict that O.J. Simpson was innocent of the murders that happen that night in 1994. This would keep people guessing and making more conspiracies of who committed the crime, and as it was called theĀ Trial of the Century it would become theĀ Conspiracy of the Century.