What Your Mask Says About You


Kameron Lamprecht and Shea Cox

As we all know, 2020 has been a crazy year. Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have heard about COVID-19. This pandemic has caused the world as we knew it to change. What is one big change that has affected us all? Masks. 

Since everyone has been required to wear a mask, we have noticed that they tell a lot about a person. The mask that you wear will show a lot about a person before even talking about them. 

     The first – and most common- is the disposable mask. If you are still walking around with one of these, it shows that you are just wearing it because you have to, and that you don’t really care. 

     Second, we have the no – mask people. These people walking around without a mask just don’t care. They think the mask creates more problems than COVID-19 does. These people will never be caught wearing a mask, and if they have to wear one, they probably aren’t wearing it the correct way. (on purpose) 

     Next up, we have the cotton mask. These come in all different colors and prints. From solid black, to cheetah print! If you are walking around with one of these custom masks on, it shows that you actually care. You are either doing it to express yourself, or you are doing it to be trendy. 

     Finally, we have the face shields. These are screaming, “We are in a global pandemic! Cover your face!” But then again, it still shows that you don’t want to wear a mask because it suffocates you. 

     All in all, your mask will tell a lot more about you than you would think. So next time you are walking in the hallway, look around. From no mask at all, to a face shield, you will be able to tell more about a person than you expect!