Is Online Learning Effective


Online learning has become a big thing since schools can not be at full capacity or have any students in their walls at all but is this really an effective way for students to learn?

This type of learning is most effective when students are really focused on what they have to do, and the student must have very high self-motivation to complete their work. While students can do the work many will wait till later to do it, or they may never do it and this is because as many students are at their homes learning there are other factors that come into play like Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, going out to hang out with friends, and etc. With all of the other things that will get the attention of students, online learning is pushed to the backs of their minds, which makes it less effective.

Another way that questions if online learning is effective is that many students can get away with cheating really easily. Even if a teacher blocks the use of any other site on one device this will not stop students from going to another device to get the answers that they are looking for. Since teachers can not see the sites that help students to cheat they could do nothing to stop it which also shows how ineffective online learning is.

Another main reason that online learning is not as effective is that if a student is having a hard time on a subject they can not ask a question to the teacher. The teacher to student connection is cut off, so if the student did have a question they would have to wait until the teacher got on their email. This brings trouble because if a student needs an answer ASAP to something the student would not even get it, and they will be confused for all the subjects that are in the class.