Middle School VS. High School

Middle School VS. High School

Kameron Lamprecht, Journalist

In Victoria Drake’s article, “4 Ways College Changes You For The Better”, she claims, “ Change is a rule of life.” Everyone needs change in their life if they want to grow as a person. One significant change in a person’s life is transferring from middle school to high school. 

In middle school, the teachers are more strict. They tend to give their students more work than a high school teacher does. High school teachers will most likely give their students time to work on things in class, whereas middle school teachers work their students bell to bell.  They also tend to go more in depth with their lessons and the different things they do in their classrooms. Middle school teachers often spend two weeks or more going over the same lesson to make sure their students fully understand what they’re going over. High school teachers stay on topics for a few days and expect the students to understand it faster. 

Many students are more energetic in middle school than they are in high school. Middle schoolers are teenagers going through different hormones and other aging factors that often make their moods change quickly. This can cause them to be hyper. This may also cause these young children to act out and not focus on their school work. Most high school students outgrow that phase by their freshman or sophomore year. Also, each group of friends mainly stays to themselves, unlike high school where everyone talks to each other. In middle school, most people feel like they have to stay with their own group of friends because they feel they don’t fit in with other groups. In high school, everyone grows out of that stage and they all get along with each other. 

Another big difference between middle school and high school is sports. In middle school sports are played mainly just for fun. Players often goof off and don’t take it seriously. In high school, sports are taken a little more seriously. Although students still play to have fun, they also play to win. Each high school sports team wants to be the best of the best. Also, high school students tend to get more involved in games and make them a bigger deal than they would in middle school. The bleachers at a high school football game are more packed than they would be at a middle school game. 

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging. Many things change as a person gets older and that person is expected to do more on their own. The changes make a person grow. What was your transition from middle school to high school like?