A Rise in Covid Numbers


Gabbie Dew, Photographer

COVID-19 hit Dyer County with its first case in the month of March and has since affected many more. As we move into the cozy fall months, Covid numbers have begun to increase. Thursday, October 8th, has been named the largest single-day Covid-19 increase at a number of 41. Governor Bill Lee issued that county mayors enforced a mask mandate, requiring citizens to wear face coverings when entering into businesses and restaurants, to try to slow or decrease the spread of the virus. Mayor Chris Young then issued a mask mandate on July 20th and extended it two times until he lifted the mandate on September 29th at 11:59 pm. Since lifting the mandate, numbers of people affected by the virus are increasing. 1,420 citizens had caught the virus by September 29th, and on October 9th it was released that 1,670 citizens had now been affected, meaning 250 people caught the virus in just ten days. 

To keep up with updates about COVID-19 numbers go to: www.tn.gov/health