Top 3 Scary Games You Should NEVER Play

Mia Townsend, Editor in Chief

I do not condone you to play any of these games as this article is for entertainment and knowledge purposes. Please at any risk do not play these games as I would not like to be the reason you get possessed by a spirit. 


Halloween just ended but there is enough spooky to go around this year. Unfortunately, you can’t go out and have costumes parties and stuff like that because of the Coronavirus which means no sharing spookiness with your friends. This, though, ruins the fun of doing anything spooky, so I came up with a few ideas of what you should definitely not do unless you either have a death wish. Here are the top scary games you should never play.


Number 1: The elevator game

Now this game originated from Japan and South Korea and is the reason why I would rather take the stairs instead of getting into a small space with random people and possibly getting trapped in there with them. Luckily, I needed the exercise anyway. This game requires an elevator, obviously, a public building with 10 or more floors, and a few steps in order to get yourself into another world or dimension. Why you would want to do this, I don’t know, but six feet apart and all, you know? 

The steps are on the Fandom website so you can check it out to look up the tips they have for this game but you didn’t hear that from me. Like I said though there are cases of people playing this game and them ending up with terrible endings there are also people who say it didn’t work either caus they did it wrong or it’s not true We know that most of the time they are doing it wrong on purpose though. Anyways, I don’t know why you still would want to play this game after hearing this because there are so many steps and you could literally just be watching Mickey Mouse, Halloween edition, and stuffing your face with candy. There have been some creepy stories about this game but some others that just say it didn’t work, but that’s another story.


Number 2: Hide and Seek Alone

The next game is called Hide and Seek alone. It originated from Japan and Korea that is also known as Hitori Kakurenbo. If you are like me and don’t have any friends then this is definitely for you. Even if you do have friends, I’m sure you don’t want the doctor to stick a gigantic swab up your nose just to find out you are negative, (or positive in which case you should pray for your life) because you are supposed to be social distancing and you can’t do that well with hide and seek so instead you should (definitely not) play hide and seek with a possible demon spirit or earth spirit. If you are solely just curious about this game you should not play this game. It is known to be dangerous. I don’t know why else you would want to play but please don’t play it because I don’t have any money to pay for an exorcism or hospital bills if you get hurt or possessed. 

What’s supposed to happen is, you do about 22 million steps to prepare for the hiding and seeking, then you are supposed to go and hide after you do this. You must do the first 22 million steps correctly in order to play a game or, my bad forgot these games like to be misleading, ritual, or else something bad will happen. Fandom doesn’t really specify what will happen to you, I guess you get a trick instead of a treat but that’s not for me to find out. 

The website encourages you to hide in a room where you have the most religious items from your religion. This is supposed to protect you from the doll when it finds you or something I think. The steps also at the beginning say something about whatever is done to the doll will be done to you so keep in mind this doll has the full power of what it can do to you. Great, a voodoo doll now. This “game” gets better and better. More stuff is supposed to happen at the end and there are tips on what to do during the game so if you are interested, which you shouldn’t be, then you can head over to the Fandom website and check it out since it piqued your interest. Now you have even more procrastination. 

At first, I was going to tell you how to play the game but then I read that some of these games are actually rituals that are really misleading to people who don’t have friends. I just wanted to see if someone else whose, not human wanted to be my friend but no, they are actually using me for my body. Literally. The Fandom website says if you do something incorrectly, the demon or earth spirit can possess you. So instead of that, I’ll just get a dog and name it Teddy. That’s a joke because your suppose to name the doll you are using to play hide and seek alone with. Look at me being funny. I haven’t heard any stories about this game but Fandom says that there are people who actually have played it and said it worked. Then there are YouTubers who I looked up who have played it but I didn’t watch it because the cover for their videos look like they belong on a Disney toy ad. Overall, this game should be wiped off the planet mainly for having to make people do so many steps in order to not be lonely anymore, so that’s that.



Number 3:  Ouija Board

Now, this is the most common game that people know about and are told to not play, but play it anyways and then end up like Jake Paul. Sad. Now I have no idea how to pronounce this since many people have many different ways of pronouncing it so I just call it trying to make new friends. Will this article be about how lonely I am, possibly.

I’m sure you know how the board works so there is no need to try and keep it a secret. Because so many people already know about this amazing yet terrifying game, here are the steps to use the ouija board, the correct way:

It takes two to Ouija: usually, one person is not able to work the Ouija. Get a friend to use it with you. Having a male and a female in the group is usually recommended. Make sure you’re six feet apart

  1. Timing: most practitioners suggest using the board at night when, they say, less interference is in the atmosphere, but you can use it anytime.
  2. Create some atmosphere: the Ouija is more fun if you darken the room and light some candles. Turn off the TV and any music to minimize distractions.
  3. Have a seat: the two users should sit facing each other, with knees touching if possible, with the board on their laps. Don’t use a table. This means you have to wear a mask.
  4. Decide on a questioner or medium: even though both people can ask questions—or anyone else in the room can—only one of the users should be the medium (the one to formally ask questions of the board).
  5. Place your fingers on the planchette: you and your partner should place the fingers of both hands very lightly on the planchette, or pointer. If you touch each other, immediately wash your hands, you could have given each other Covid.
  6. Move it: purposely move the planchette around in a circle on the board for a moment or two to get it “warmed up.”
  7. Attitude: don’t let the board control the session. The medium should begin by announcing that the session will only allow an experience that is positive or toward a higher good and that negative energies are not welcome.
  8. Begin simply: start with a simple question, one that requires a yes or no answer.
  9. Be patient: you might not begin to get answers right away. Give the board a chance to “warm-up.”
  10. Be polite: when the board starts working, thank the board or entities for showing up and communicating with you.
  11. Don’t ask stupid questions: avoid questions such as, “When am I going to die?” If the board answers, “in 6 months,” you might worry about it needlessly because you cannot always trust the board to tell you the truth. Although someone might still end up doing this.
  12. Don’t ask for physical signs: many experienced users warn against asking for physical signs that the “spirit” is real or present.
  13. Don’t believe everything the board tells you: just as with any other source of information, don’t accept whatever the board says to be the truth or accurate. If you can’t believe what people in high school say, why should you believe a spirit who probably had no company for who knows how long.
  14. Close the board: this is an important step. When you’re done with your session, intentionally slide the planchette to “Goodbye” and remove your hands.


    Some of these steps I have never thought you were supposed to do because I like to watch people ruin their life with this game. One example of this from the steps would be “Don’t ask physical signs.” I would be watching someone play it and the cameraman would throw a toothbrush. Thirteen years old me was so amazed while the cameraman was questioning why they work with a YouTuber that is over exaggerates something his cameraman did.

    Do I recommend playing these games? Definitely not, but it’s still nice to know how some people ended up getting possessed and others how others ruined their life.