Is Elvis Still Alive? (The Conspiracy)


Kristen Farley, Journalist

We all have our favorite musicians. There are fans out there that try their best to get every piece of merchandise ever made of their favorite artists. Some go even further, and some go way too far. Some take it extremely hard when that artist dies, as if they were losing their loved one. It’s very sad, and can be hard to believe at first.


Would some go as far as to say that their favorite celebrity never passed away? And could they actually be right? Today we’re going to be diving into the conspiracy of Elvis Presley and why many people believe he’s still alive.

Elvis Aron Presley passed away on August 16, 1977 from heart failure. His death was said to be caused by an overuse/overdose of prescription drugs combined with poor eating habits (or so we’ve been told). It didn’t take long for rumors and theories to start making their way around the country. 


There have been several reported sightings of Elvis over the years after his death. People have claimed to see the singer in all sorts of places, the most common one being through the windows of his home in Graceland. Some have even said he starred as an extra in the movie Home Alone.

Was Elvis Presley in Home Alone? This fan theory thinks so | Metro News

Could it be Elvis? Or just someone who looks a bit similar? 

Another theory is that Elvis could have been connected to the mafia in some way. In the book “Is Elvis Alive” by Gail Brewer-Giorgio, she explains how she came to the conclusion that Elvis was an American Hero who had to go into witness protection. She claims to have looked through FBI documents as well. Is she telling the truth? If you’re that curious, you could always go read her book for more information on what she thinks.

“Do I know if Elvis is alive today? No, I don’t know, but I know he didn’t die on August 16th.”

          – Gail Brewer-Giorgio


“Elvis faked his death because he was going to be killed and there was no doubt about it”

          – Gail Brewer-Giorgio

Some people see Elvis’s tombstone as evidence, as his middle name is misspelled. On it you can read “Elvis Aaron Presley”. The proper spelling is “Elvis Aron Presley”. Some believe that this is on purpose, as spelling it correctly on his tombstone would be “taboo” since he’s “still alive”. Others say that Elvis simply started spelling his middle name that way later in life; if you search up Elvis on the internet, “Aaron” is the middle name that pops up.

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In 2005, Elvis’s ex wife Priscilla went on the Oprah show for an interview. It’s been claimed that while Priscilla was talking about how Elvis spoiled their daughter she said “it’s exactly what he said the other day”, before correcting herself and saying “you said”. It’s also been claimed that their daughter, Lisa Marie, avoided Larry King’s question in an interview two years prior where he asked her if she “ever felt communication with her father”.


To add to the suspicion, Elvis’s first cousin, Gene, allegedly said that the body in the casket at Elvis’s funeral didn’t look like him. There was also a recording that was released at some point of a man that sounded nearly identical to Elvis himself. Many say this is proof he isn’t dead.


I really wish I had time to go through all of the different theories and “proof” that I’ve found or heard about, but if I did, this article may very well go on forever. There’s a lot of people out there with their minds made up that Elvis Presley didn’t die on August 16, 1977. My opinion? I think it all sounds a little far-fetched. Elvis isn’t the first or last celebrity that people have had intense theories about. Is all of this true? Is none of it? Could Elvis Presley actually still be alive and well somewhere? Maybe we’ll never know; but for now, i’ll let you as the readers decide for yourself what you think.