What Your Favorite Song Says About You

What Your Favorite Song Says About You

Gabbie Dew, Photographer

  1. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles- If Watermelon Sugar is your favorite song, you probably were once a Directioner or still are a Directioner. If you weren’t a fan of One Direction, you just heard the song on the radio or TikTok. Your favorite season is summer and you have a lot of friends.


  1. Lonely by Benny Blanco ft. Justin Bieber – If Lonely is your favorite song, you’re probably at a really stressed out point in your life (as most people are) and this is a song that comforts you. You most likely heard it on TikTok first and have since not been able to stop listening to it. You isolate yourself from people because you have a fear they’re going to push you away. If none of this matches you, you’re just a Belieber and you listened to the song cause Justin was on it.


  1. Pov by Ariana Grande – If this is your favorite song, you’re either currently in a relationship or talking to someone. You often worry about how others view you and this causes you to get glammed up whenever you’re going somewhere because you take pride in looking good whenever other people are around. But whenever you’re at home, you love to wear your pj’s and not worry about what others think. 


  1. I Hope by Gabby Barrett – If this is your favorite song right now, you’ve either recently gone through a bad breakup or had someone do wrong to you in a past relationship. You’re usually a laid back and kind person until someone has hurt you. You love deeply and are a very caring person, and that’s the trait most people love about you. Also you probably hate the version with Charlie Puth.


  1. Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish – If this is your favorite song, you probably love everything that Billie creates. As far as your character goes, you’re someone who doesn’t like drama. You don’t surround yourself in drama and you’re not someone who gossips about other people’s drama. You’ve recently come to a point in life where you know your worth and are starting to love yourself. Also, if you’re a girl, you mostly have guy friends. 


  1. Better Together by Luke Combs – You’re in a relationship and have been in one for some time. If you’re not, then you’re a hopeless romantic and really want a relationship. You also probably listened to country music before it was cool. You’re someone who adores your family and you’re the most reliable in your friend group. 


  1. Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus – You’re a very independent person and don’t like whenever someone tries to control how you live your life. You rarely get into relationships because you view them as a waste of time and you’re very picky when it comes to picking a significant other. You just want to have fun while you’re here and nobody is going to change that. 


  1. Kings and Queens by Ava Max – You’re probably a girl or a guy who’s a feminist. You think women aren’t appreciated like they should be. You have a form of self love that cannot be broken and you truly know who you are and what value you hold. You really love to dance and you prefer night over day.