New Strain of COVID-19 in TN

New Strain of COVID-19 in TN

Gabbie Dew, Photographer

The Tennessee Health Department confirmed two cases of a new strain of Covid-19. As of January 25th, there have been 195 reported cases in the United States and this strain is said to be the dominant one by March.  TDH officials have said seven specimens were sent to the CDC for analysis. The CDC confirmed that the specimens were to be there B117 varient of Covid-19.

Health officials say that this strain could be more dangerous because it is highly contagious, twice as transmissible as other strains of covid. It has not yet been said if this virus is any stronger than the original. The virus was first spotted in the United Kingdom and has spread ever since. In the U.S., only Tennessee and 19 other states have this strain.

The strain is speculated to cause case numbers to rise and make the virus spread more widely, but Health Commisioner, Lisa Pearcy, says, “..we haven’t made a big deal about this because we don’t really think it’s that big of deal.” So, the virus has not been confirmed to be deadlier, but it does spread more rapidly.

There are no new precautions with the new strain. Remember to wear your masks, wash your hands, and love your loved ones from six feet away.