Girl Scout Cookies


Kaitie Lamb

Girl Scout Cookies


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Growing up you can probably remember walking into Walmart in early spring and seeing groups of girl scouts set up selling cookies. They had all of our childhood favorites such as tagalongs, thin mints, and Samoas.

In recent years the Girl Scout groups have added more variety to their cookie collection in addition to those that have been around since the beginning.

Take Toffee-tastic for example, this is a gluten-free option with golden toffee bits. 

There is even a Toast-Yay cookie being rolled out this year. This cookie is toast shaped and tastes like french toast!

If you like a cookie with a tangy taste Girl scouts offers a lemonades cookie and a lemon ups cookie.

Unlike most girl scout cookies that do not hold a traditional cookie taste, the Caramel Chocolate chip cookie can satisfy the likings of a basic cookie lover.

Thank u Berry Munch has a mixture of cranberries and white chocolate chips and tastes like a pecan Sandie.

Buying girl scout cookies not only helps you but also benefits the little girls you are buying from. The troops help little girls learn people skills, business ethics, and decision making. Girl scouts can also be a stepping stone for academic success by teaching leadership skills and problem-solving.