Group Halloween Costumes

Katie Stover, Editor in Chief

With Halloween just around the corner, a lot of us are trying to come up with costume ideas. By now we’re too old for trick or treating, and it might even seem silly for us to dress up. It can be daunting, especially if you’re worried you’ll look stupid. The only solution is for you to drag your friends into it and force them to dress up with you. If you don’t have friends go make some immediately. Now, coming up with group costumes isn’t always easy, especially if you’re bad at coordinating. So, being the good samaritan that I am, I’ve come up with a few group ideas that if executed correctly, would look incredibly cool.

Winx Club
If you’ve ever watched Winx Club, then you know how iconic this look would be. Now, I’m sure most would assume that I’m going to suggest their more commonly associated fairy looks. However, as those outfits could be a little too risque for everyone, I’m going to be suggesting their more modest mundane looks. If you’re comfortable wearing something that could be considered a little more scandalous then I fully support the fairy looks, but you’ll have to look those up on your own.

Starting off we have Bloom. Her outfit is simple but would be really cute if done right. All you need are some flared light wash jeans, a yellow crop top covered with a teal cropped halter top, and a pair of light yellow wedges.

Musa’s outfit is something to consider if you’re wanting to wear a more comfortable and easy-to-move-in costume. It’s a simple costume, plain but cute. You’ll need blue cargo pants, a red one-shouldered crop, and a pair of red converse.

Flora’s costume was a little harder to decide on. When looking up picture references it seems she had a greater variety in outfits than the others. So I’m going to use the one that I remember the most. This outfit is a little more revealing but nothing too bad. You’ll need a light yellow crop top, a bright pink skirt, and some bright pink wedges. You’ll see that the skirt has a strawberry print, however, I know that finding that might be a little hard to come by so I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a skirt without the print.

For Aisha’s outfit, we’re going to have to improvise a little. The outfit is pretty simple, but slightly revealing, completely acceptable though. For this, you’ll need an olive green denim cargo skirt, a pale pink cropped tank top, white leg warmers, and a pair of olive green platforms.

Techna’s outfit is a more modest, comfortable one. It’s very simple, but with enough flare to be absolutely cute. You’ll need lavender flared pants, either a lime green or lavender cropped halter top and lavender platforms.

To finish up the Winx Club we have Stella. Her outfit, while a little revealing, is cute and comfortable. You’ll need an orange skirt, a green halter top, and chunky green flip flops(you can hot glue an orange flower onto the toe.)

The Hex Girls
Now, this is my favorite idea, mostly because this is the one that my friends and I are doing this year. Honestly, if you do this costume you’re the coolest people to ever exist and I will not be taking any arguments over this. Bonus points if you remembered that Hex Girls are from Scooby-Doo.

Firstly we have Thorn, whom I will be portraying this October 31st. That is if I ever receive the dress I ordered. For this, you’ll need a black or red velvet dress, a bat necklace, and simple black heels.

Next, we have Dusk, whom I have forced my sister to portray this year. Her outfit is probably the easiest to come by. You’ll need a dark green velvet dress, a thick green choker, and black boots.

Lastly we have Luna, whom Jayleigh will be portraying this Halloween. Let’s give Jayleigh a round of applause, as she is the one to come up with our costume ideas this year. Luna’s outfit may be a little harder to come by, so you may need to DIY a little. You’ll need a dark purple skirt, a lilac tank top/t-shirt, a dark purple blazer, and a pair of dark purple or black boots.

I think Scooby-Doo is a great group costume idea and I feel like it’s never done very much.

Starting off with Fred seems best. You’ll need blue jeans, a white collared shirt, that weird orange ascot, and brown shoes.

Let’s follow with Daphne, an icon truly. You’ll need a dark purple dress, lilac stockings, a green scarf, and pale purple heels.

Next onto Velma. You’ll need a red pleated skirt, an oversized orange turtleneck, long orange socks, and red flats.

Onto Shaggy, who has the easiest outfit to recreate. All that’s needed are brown pants, a green t-shirt, and black shoes. Specifically, I think the pants should be brown corduroy because it simply makes sense.

For Scooby, you can either purchase a Scooby costume or DIY. If you decide to DIY it, you’ll simply need a pair of brown pants, a brown shirt with black spots painted on it, brown shoes, and a blue dog collar.

Any adjustments to these outfits can be made as you see fit, or to fit within whatever resources you have. I understand that three costume suggestions may not seem like much, however, it took a month to write these alone and I simply do not have any more time.