Yahoo Fantasy Football

Trent Wilson

There are many players in Fantasy Football that will stack you up on the points. I’m gonna give my opinion on the top 10 players in Fantasy Football right now.

1.) Kyler Murry- This QB is very possibly a MVP this year, with 15 being his lowest points scored. He scored a total of 202 points through week 7.
2.) Cooper Kupp- He has been on fire lately, in his past weeks racking up over a total of 190.4 points
3.) Ja’Marr Chase- He is only a rookie but he is the best rookie wide receiver in the league right now. The lowest points he has scored is 18 in week 4 and 6. He has scored a total of 198 points. The only reason he is number 2 is because Cooper Kupp is just a little more consistent.
4.) Derrick Henry- The lowest this RB has scored is 9 in the first week, but he has been a bulldozer for the rest of the weeks scoring a total of 198 points. If he is on your team, you are in good condition.
5.) Josh Allen- He is one of the best QB’s in the league and he is showing it right now, with 183 total points scored, his lowest being 18, and his highest being 44.
6.) Davante Adams- If you have this man on your Fantasy roster, you have been racking up the points, he has a total of 176 points through week 7, his lowest being 15.
7.) Austin Ekeler- He had a bye week in week 7 but in weeks 1-6 he racked up a total of 143 points, with weeks 2-5 being his biggest scoring weeks.
8.) DK Metcalf- He has been a top receiver this year, on the field and in fantasy, with a total of 159 points, his lowest being 16 in week 2 and 6.
9.) Travis Kelce- He has had only 1 bad week with 6 points, which was in week 4, but for the rest of the weeks is a different story. Kelce has 153 total points through week 7.
10.) Terry McLaurin- He has had a big year so far, playing a vital role in the Washington Football Teams victories. His lowest points scored is 6, but has made up with it by scoring his highest of 35 points, with a total of 151 points on the year.

If you have any of these players on your roster, you are set. These players will get you points every week consistently. There are many other players that will get you points but these are the ones that I think will get you the most points.