Battle Royale Games are Trash


Cole Stork and Zee Campbell

Battle Royale games in recent years are at an all-time high, and with many still going strong even after their peak was hit. Of course, there was the obvious popularity of Fortnite and the complete downfall of it as well. Many Battle Royale games have gone this route with a brief period of extreme popularity then dying unceremoniously and loaded with microtransactions. They develop into nothing more than cash grabs after the initial release. Any time and care leave the game when it reaches a certain threshold of popularity. I imagine when a battle royale game is initially created a lot of effort and love is put into them, but then money is introduced and it became a race to see who could get the most content released and sold before the genre died. Luckily for fans of the genre, none of the games have gone away, though they are still plagued with the same problems as they were when the genre was at its peak. It seems that most of these problems stem from a development issue. The publishing companies rush and overwork developers in order to get content released, with that requiring longer, tedious hours. This causes developer burnout and for bad unfinished material to be released, leading to players not enjoying the game, and each time the developers having to end up having to fix it. Therefore, a cycle of horrifically made content has been made and nothing can fix it except for it to stop being played. Of course, this will not happen as gamers have been known to be toxic and unnaturally stubborn. The game companies could fix this, but they won’t, because in their eyes the money spent won’t be worth the gain. Though all it would take is to hire more developers so that others aren’t overworked and that more work can be done in shorter spans of time. This is just a fantasy though as who can trust a large company to care for quality.