Flowers Are More Than Just Pretty


Katie Stover, Editor in Chief

With Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, a lot of people are going to be getting their significant others flowers. Flowers are a common way to show your affection for someone. What a lot of people don’t realize is that flowers are more than just pretty and fragrant. Each flower has its own meaning. Keep these meanings in mind so that you can give your partner a flower that represents how you feel towards them. Here are some flowers with great meanings to give the person you care about:

  • Red Rose: love; I love you; desire
  • Orange Rose: desire and enthusiasm
  • Lavender Rose: love at first sight
  • White Lily: my love is pure
  • Daisy: I love you truly
  • Red Carnation: my heart aches for you
  • Red Tulip: I declare my love
  • Honeysuckle: devoted affection
  • Red Chrysanthemum: I love you
  • Aster: love
  • Calla Lily: attraction
  • Gardenia: secret love; you’re lovely
  • Red Lilies: passion
  • White Carnation: sweet and lovely
  • Red Salvia: forever mine
  • Lavender: devotion
  • Purple Lilac: first emotions of love
  • Magenta Lilac: love and passion
  • Morning Glory: affection
  • Yarrow: love
  • Violet: loyalty;devotion;faithfulness
  • White Jasmine: sweet love
  • Heliotrope: eternal love

When giving these to someone you care about keep in mind that handing it to them in with your right hand means yes and with your left means no.