What Is Your Love Language?


Jenna Claire Armstrong

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, there might be some people who want to show someone how much they care for them. However, what do you do? Would they like a card or would they like to go out and eat somewhere. Determining what to do can be helped by knowing their love language. A love language is the way a person prefers to express and receive love. There are five and this article will go over each one!


The first language is words of affirmation. The people with this language prefer to love by kind words. They show their love through saying “I love you” a lot and love to give compliments! A good gift for these people would be cute note cards with different ways you say “I love you” or a voice recording of you giving them an encouraging message!


The second language is quality time. These people like to spend a lot of time with their partners, whether it’s going to the park or just sitting at home on the couch together. It doesn’t matter to these people, as long as they are with you! A good gift for these people would be a good date or a planned trip that allows you to go to many different places together!


The third love language is acts of service. This is someone who loves to do things for their loved one in order to make their life a little easier. It can be as simple as doing a chore for them or taking care of them when they’re sick. A good gift for these people would be offering to take care of them for the day or doing all the morning chores before they wake up.


The fourth love language is gifts. It means exactly what it sounds like, these people love to get things and give things! Christmas is probably one of their favorite holidays. A good gift for these people would be their favorite kind of candy or a gift card. Really, anything they would like would work!


The fifth and final love language is physical touch. These people are touchy feely and love to give hugs and kisses! They also love to give them so be prepared for surprise hugs! A good gift for them would be a massage or a lot of hugs!


With that, those are all five love languages! Hopefully one of these will help you pick out a gift and maybe your partner will read this too!


Have a happy Valentine’s Day!