Vape Sensors in The School Bathrooms.


Shelby Palmer, Journalist, Photographer

 Here lately at Dyer County High School, vaping has been an issue among all students. Many students go to the bathroom during class time to “hit” their vape devices. Many administrators have been aware of this problem and have decided to install a sensor on the ceilings of each bathroom. The device simply senses it’s vapors and alerts the SRO’s in our school. Once this happens, looking at the cameras, they may find the suspect that they are looking for. It seems many people have been getting caught or even accused of being the person vaping in the bathrooms. Many people are being pulled out of class to be searched even if it wasn’t them. This may become an issue for not only their class time but also the students’ reputation. 


Student’s have come up with the idea that this violates their privacy. Many are afraid to go to the restroom because they are afraid that they would be caught up in wild goose chase. It is a big inconvenience for administration to search the cameras to nit pick which student was in the bathroom during the time of the violation and then search and ask each student what something that can be easily avoided by students. Though it is the fault of other students hitting their vape, it should be dealt upon by those who partake in such actions. Those who are called out may be judged by those around them and may even destroy someone’s reputation. 


It’s understandable that students are doing illegal activity on school property but are perhaps the administrators overreacting? Or are they doing the right thing?  Many students are fed up with the way any and all teachers/principles are treating everyone. But perhaps if everyone just did the right thing then we could get nicer privileges. Many people think they can do whatever they want in this school and that they don’t have to listen to the teachers here which causes people not to trust us. Not only have they installed these vape sensors, but they have taken away our break. Students here just don’t get it, act right, and we get nicer things. 

What can we change as a school, as a student body, to make things better? How can we prevent these things from happening? Students being accused of vaping just to be pulled out of class… Is there an alternate punishment for those causing these accusations to be made? Dyer County High School, let’s do better as a whole. Students and staff. Talk to the people around you that you may know that is causing problems like this. Read Teela Robertson’s story “Break: Overdue For a Change”, to see how working together as a student body can help us earn back our privileges as well.