Change Isn’t Always Easy

Mary Norton, Photographer

My freshman year of highschool I went to Dyersburg. It was a lot different from what I was used to. I had always went to county schools and had to transfer because Dyersburg was closer to where I live and my sister went there for that reason as well. I wasn’t too happy but I truly learned a lot from my year away from what I was used to. Now that I look back, it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t what I expected it to be. Dyersburg was very proper. They had a very strict dress code. The school was very bland. The people very not very friendly and they weren’t welcoming. It took me a while to feel somewhat comfortable. I walked the halls with my airpods in so I wouldn’t feel stupid walking alone. I feel extremely out of place. I eventually fell out of my shell and made relationships with those around me. Dyer County is very laid back. I had always been used to the very welcoming environment. When you walk in, it feels like you’re greeted with open arms. It is colorful, comfortable, and you instantly feel as if you belong. Atleast, that’s how I feel. Even though the two schools are honestly extremely different, they were both great. I have learned so much from them both. Dyersburg taught me to be myself no matter what people think. Dyer County has taught me what teamwork is, how to have eyes from everyone around me, and also brought me my closest friends. DC will always feel like home!