‘Ghost of Kyiv’

Trent Wilson

There is much talk about a fighter jet who shot down six Russian planes single-handedly. Nobody knows who this guy is but some believe he is fake, but others believe he is real and they say they want more like him. He became famous when a video got posted on social media of him chasing down a russian jet and shooting them down. Another video was of him dodging a missle by barrel rolling. All these videos and photos of him brought a name for him, “Ghost of Kyiv”. This name was given because nobody knows who is his, where he’s from, or his name. Many photos that have been posted, showing the face of the mysterious pilot, are fakes. Some people say the pilot isn’t even real, they claim the videos have been photo shopped. The Ukraine president recently posted a photo of the pilot, but it was later proved a fake. The photo was photo shopped from a fallen soldier a couples of years before.

Ukraine claims that the “Ghost of Kyiv” is very real, but Russia disagrees. Russia claims that they have taken multiple Air Bases in Ukraine but, on that same day Ukraine claims too have shot down five planes and one helicopter. Ukraine beileves very passiontely in this Ghost, whether he is real or fake. Even though there is high praise for this pilot, he isn’t perfect. There are storys of him being shot down once, but survived. It is said that he got a new jet, and is back in the air. I don’t know what to beileve but, if this pilot is real, he is going to play a big role in Ukraines win over Russia.