Turkey Season 2022

Eli Powell

With the month of March underway turkey season is coming up quickly. Last year over 7,900 Toms were harvested in Tennessee. With youth hunts starting on the last weekend in March, turkey season is almost here. Turkeys are often called the “ninjas of the woods” due to their stealthiness and how quickly they can just seem to disappear from a hunter. Last year 53,669 turkeys in all were harvested last year in Tennessee.

Turkey hunters are looking forward to turkey season, having duck season passed. Many hunters and outdoors men are multi-game hunters, meaning they’ll hunt for more than one animal.  With turkey season coming up, deer season is on deck. Many people believe that turkey hunting is an experience like no other. It does not matter what an outdoors man hunts, a true outdoors man just enjoys spending their time in the outdoors.