NCAA Tournament Update

NCAA Tournament Update

Gabriel Jackson, Sports editor

In case you were wondering my bracket lasted only five games, which may be a record for me. In fact, every single bracket was busted within the first 48 hours of the tournament.

Several high seeded teams were knocked off early including Iowa, Uconn, Tennessee, defending champions Baylor, and of course, the #2 seed Kentucky falling to #15 St. Peters.

The St. Peters Peacocks are on a historic run as they beat both Kentucky teams, the Wildcats and the Racers, to become just the third 15th seed to ever make it to the Sweet 16.

With half the tournament up I think it’s fair to say this is one of the craziest March Madness we’ve had in a while. Of course, it sucks to watch your bracket go up in flames, but it’s the Cinderella stories that make March Madness arguably the best postseason in any televised sport.

Of the reaming teams, the Duke Blue Devils and the Kansas Jayhawks are both still in it and I still predict them to be the final game. We are guaranteed at least one double-digit seed to be in the Elite 8 #11 Iowa State and #10 Miami will play each other on Friday night.

Now that my bracket is long gone I look forward to seeing more upsets in the latter half of the tournament and if you’re wondering, I am most definitely rooting for St. Peters.