Tips For Picking A Prom Dress!


Jenna Claire Armstrong

Many girls have started ordering or going to stores in order to find a prom dress. However, there are so many options it can be hard to pick! So, how does one pick this very important dress?


  1. Find the right color. Everyone has a different color that looks good on them and there are many factors that determine this. The main ones are skin tone and hair color. For example, red hair with a red dress wouldn’t look good but green does very well! If you can’t find one, black is always a good neutral color.
  2. Find the right length. The right length depends mostly on your height. A short person won’t look good in a long dress.
  3. Decide if you want to coordinate. Some friends or your date might want to have colors that go well together. If you want to, make sure to ask far in advance!
  4. Make sure it’s comfortable! At prom you spend a lot of time moving around, so you need to be able to walk easily!