How To Start Learning How To Draw!


Recently, I have started learning to draw and it is quite difficult to do. However, there are many ways to learn and things to consider when you start drawing!


First, how do you start? One good way is to watch tutorials online, which allows you to learn the basics by copying what they do. This also allows you to see how the artist moves their pencil and in what order to do it. Look up specific styles and include beginners. This should give you some basic sketching tutorials with no colors!


Second, is whether you are doing digital or physical. I prefer to do physical, mainly because the supplies are easier to get, being only a pencil, a piece of paper and a hard surface. However some prefer digital for more complex drawings and digital allows you to easily delete lines and draw them completely straight. Overall, it depends on what exactly you want to draw!


Lastly, try to sketch at least one thing a day. While I understand this sounds hard, it’s actually easier than it sounds! What you sketch doesn’t have to be complex or even look good as long as you practice your skills! Try sketching the same thing everyday and seeing how you improve!


Thus, these are the things I have done in order to improve my art. Even though I am not very good at it yet, I am slowly improving as I try! Really, the most important thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try!