Urban Legends


Joshua Aden and Bradley Akin

Centuries passed and many stories have been told about mysterious creatures that lurk in the dark. These stories range from zombies to mythical creatures such as werewolves, but the specific stories I would like to talk about are urban legends. Some of these legends are said to date back to almost 6000 years ago, but the term urban legend has only been seen in records from 1968. The scary thing about these urban legends is that some people actually believe that these creatures roam the earth today. 

The Wendigo is the first urban legend that will be talked about. The wendigo originates from the great plains region and the great lakes region in the northern united states. This creature is described as a giant humanoid with a heart of ice, and a foul stench; they also say a chill will run up your back if you are within proximity of the wendigo. Other descriptions prove the superstition of werewolves as people say they are a human/beast hybrid. The wendigo induces a type of psychosis that causes you to have a hunger for human flesh and a fear of becoming a cannibal.

Navajo witches, including skin-walkers, represent Navajo cultural values and one of the most famous urban legends. While this culture has a community in which healers and workers are known as medicine men and women, or by other positive, nurturing terms in the local, indigenous language, witches are seen as evil, performing twisted ceremonies and manipulating magic in the preservation of the medicine of the good work people traditionally perform. In order to practice their good works, traditional healers learn about both good and evil magic. Most can handle the responsibility, but some can come corrupt and choose to become witches.

Urban legends are most definitely something to talk about, some of which can keep you up all night, with these traditions going back thousands of years ago and still being discussed today. As many of these legends may be specific to certain states, it varies rather or not people genuinely believe that this topic may be true. Personally, I believe that some of these urban legends may possibly be true, yet some of them can often seem stretched or may seem very unbelievable.