Ending Discrimminations

mary norton

There are many programs that have been created to end racial disparities. The first one I found is called Transforming Care. It is health care provided to lessen stress upon African American teens and children who undergo the stresses of discrimination. It is targeted to them and allows special care for them to feel appreciated. The second program is Healthy People. It was launched in 2010 in hopes to prevent health care inequalities. It shed light on the importance of eliminating racism in healthcare. Children’s play is influenced heavily by gender roles. When I was a kid, things of this nature were quite normal. I lived in a home of all girls besides my dad. We were not really interested in boy toys or ever exposed to them. We were very interested in Barbie dolls, toy kitchens, and things of that nature. We played sports like softball, soccer, and I cheered. We were really sheltered from “gendered” toys or activities but the whole idea of “boy stuff” wasn’t intriguing to me. There were never any expectations for my playtime. I was the most “tomboyish” and enjoyed activities outdoors and fishing and things like that as well. It was very normal in my home. My childhood really wasn’t restricted to gendered toys and activities and it was very freeing. Unfortunately now it is more targeted that girls do “girl things” and boys do things that are normalized. Gender and sex discrimination is way too common in this day and age. Discrimination in my book is prejudiced action against a certain group. I did some research and found an article that made my blood boil. The article is about gender pay. There has been a pay gap enforced between men and women. In some places men are paid more for doing the exact job a woman is doing. Make that make sense. In Australia, there are people trying to take action against this sex-based discrimination taking place. The women involved are an example of the minority group. This means that the men own dominance in Australia but in a very unfair way. I have witnessed several occasions where sex based disccrimination has taken place. As sad as it is, growing up in times like this it doesn’t surprise me that I have. One example I have seen is at my workplace. Some of the guys that got hired long after me are being paid more than me and are doing the same exact job as I am. As frustrating as it is, I don’t have the time or energy to continue addressing it with leadership. It goes in one ear and out the other. This is an example of genocide. This means that the women are targeted on the down low when it comes to salary. This also links to the intersection theory. The effects of gender have yet to be resolved.