Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Bradley Akin and Joshua Aden

Let’s be real with ourselves sometimes our parents just want a break from us every once in a while. I could find any way to take advantage of these moments, for example, summer camp. There are so many summer camp opportunities that are welcoming many different types of people. If you are into music, sports, science, math, or just a fun time around people that you have things in common with. You can more than likely find what you’re looking for, but for now, I will talk about summer camps that I can personally recommend.

Summer camp number 1 is going to be SMAC otherwise known as Smokey Mountain Adventure Camp. This camp offers activities for people ages 10 – 18. Some background on the opening of this camp; it was opened by a husband and wife in 2002. Their natural love for the outdoors just happened to lead them to begin their own camp for children. As I mentioned before they offer activities for many different age groups. Some of these activities include hiking, tubing, canoeing/kayaking, ice skating, horseback riding, rock climbing, and so many others. This camp would get a 10 out of 10 for me and I highly recommend this option. 

Our second summer camp will is a backlight production camp. This camp is highly directed to the musical theater group. Backlight is a day camp with activities for people 16 and over. As you can see here this camp is also directed to the older kids, but it is a coed summer camp. All of the dates of the different camps are between June 20 – august 12, but the times for each one will vary. As I previously stated that camp is directed to the music theater people, so they are different camps for your different interests. For example, you have theater camp, dance camp, music camp, and musical theater camp. These different camp options will offer some interesting types of activities, so I guess you will just have to sign up to actually understand what your getting into.

Parents if you reading this we all know that yall need a break and this is your opportunity to get what you want. These camps are some amazing options for what you and your child want and they will not disappoint. If you don’t see what you like here trust me and just do some research and I’m sure you will find exactly what you want. Hopefully, this is your wake-up call; send your kid to summer camp.