Weirdest Things That Have Been Handed Out For Halloween

On October 31st, kids all over America look forward to roaming neighborhoods around their town or city to get treats. They dress up in their favorite costumes and expect to go home that night with a bag or bucket full of candy. Some houses leave treats on their doorstep and others just have to ring a doorbell. Most people, for Halloween, give out things like rice Krispie treats, snickers, suckers, Twix, tootsie rolls, and things like that. Some other people, though, have gotten some different things. Some people have gotten things such as beer, liquor, cigarettes, and firecrackers. Others have gotten things even weirder. If you look up on google “top 10 weirdest things people have given out for Halloween” it tells you things like animal food, inappropriate literature, random foodstuff, toiletries, condiments, cutleries, etc. This year, if you decide to go trick or treating, choose wisely which street you want to go trick or treating at or you might end up with more than just treats in your bag of candy.