The Avatar Movies

The Avatar Movies

Jordyn Johnson, Graphic editor

In 2009 a very high-tech movie was released, the name of the said movie was “Avatar”. This movie was ahead of its time. With the technical know-how needed to pull off such a movie in that time and day must have been a task to complete, I mean it took four years to complete.

This movie had such a major impact in the entertainment community that people anticipated the release of the sequel. But, the sequel would not be released for another 13 years after the release of the first. 

Recently “Avatar: the way of water” was stated to be released on Dec 16, 2022. The main question behind this movie was why it took so long to be released, I mean it’s been 13 years. Well, this movie is seven years in the making, It’s said that why it took seven years was because the director, James Cameron, needed the right technology to film motion capture underwater. 

Also, if you did miss seeing the first movie in theaters it was released back into theaters on Sep 26th, 2022, which was a while back now. And it’s even stated that there will be three more Avatar movies set to release, why they are planning that many have no clue.

Well, there is some info on the “Avatar” movies. Over and out.