The Reality of Climate Change

Jenna Wallace

         Climate change has been a controversial topic for several years now. Many people would still argue that it isn’t real. However, it is a huge problem. Climate change is changing our world and all the ecosystems that keep it going. It would be very difficult for us to try to reverse the damage we have done, but not nearly impossible.

         We have to make a change. Polar bears are dying in the artic because the ice is melting from rising temperatures, taking away the mobility range for polar bears to hunt. Coral reefs are being bleached around Australia because of the warmth and chemicals being released into our oceans. Forest fires are worse than every because of the warmth and dryness we have created for the world.

         Climate change is killing our Earth. We did this. We are killing our home. We must work to undo this torture and damage we have commited to Earth over the past hundreds of years. Climate change is real and we are the ones that created it.

Though, we are the ones that caused climate change, we are the ones who can work to reverse it. We need to work together to find, not a solution, but steps towards the slow but worthy reversal of climate change. Habitats are being ruined, the oceans are rising, and animals are dying because of our actions. We need to take action to fix it.