Hurricane Ian Part 2

Bailee Mccree

After Hurricane Ian swept through Cuba and Flordia, the aftermath has been devastating. There has been intense flooding, strong winds, and extensive damage. The damage of Hurricane Ian has been estimated to be around $50 billion. 

Hurricane Ian caused many physical damages to the places it hit. For days it was said that there were buildings floating down the street. People’s houses were destroyed as well as everything inside them. Vehicles were submerged in water and debris. Roads are still submerged in feet of water making the roads dangerous. A survivor of the hurricane, Andrea Tank, stated, “The aftermath of a catastrophic hurricane has so many pitfalls.” The effects of the hurricane have been life-changing and have caused hardships among many.

Although the destruction is unimaginable the hurricane took more than that. There were approximately 120 deaths. Around 114 in Flordia, five people in North Carolina, and one in Virginia. Residents became trapped in the floodwaters in their houses, some passed away when electricity went out causing oxygen machines to be inoperable, and others were in cars that couldnt take the storm surge. Although it will take a long time to recover from this hurricane and repair what it has broken, we are working as a community and are on our way to recovery.