What Countries Celebrate Thanksgiving?

What Countries Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Lily Cravens

   Thanksgiving is a holiday most Americans celebrate each year. But what other countries have this event? Places like Canada, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom celebrate somewhat similar holidays.

     In Canada, their holiday is closely related to ours. Their Thanksgiving shares the same name, the same foods, and the same family traditions. Except, the history and the date of the holiday are different from ours. Canadians celebrate British explorer Arthur Frobisher and his crews’ safe return from their search of the Northwest Passage. This holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October. 

     The idea of Thanksgiving in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria is more of a public celebration with dancing, music, and fireworks. Local places, like churches, are decorated with fall crops and parades take place in the streets. In Germany, this event is called Erntedankfest, and it is a largely religious holiday. 

     Kinrō Kansha no Hi’, or Labor Thanksgiving Day, is an ancient Shinto rice harvest ceremony in Japan. It is celebrated annually on November twenty-third to commemorate labor. Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom is similar to the German celebration; it is a harvest festival held in late September or early October. 

     Countries all around the world celebrate a day that is similar to the American Thanksgiving.