Origin- Connor Edwards

Connor Edwards, Mrs. Martinez's Creative Writing class

     The human mind is the scariest thing of all. I mean, at first it is, but when you get used to this kind of power; it gets AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS! People alway thinking about if they have something in their teeth or if their crush is looking at them. You never know new things you’ll hear someone thinking. First, every hero needs an origin story. So that’s what this is.

     Ok, let’s start from where, when, and how I got this power. Where: The hidden laboratory off of the highway behind all the woods, I guess it’s not hidden anymore. Oops! When: About a year ago. How: I was kidnapped and experimented on fiercely until, POOF, I can hear everyone’s thoughts. I was taken to The Facility after I got these powers. At first, they were very very intense, I could hear what their thoughts were saying but could barely hear my own. Thoughts were especially severe in The Facility. Everyone wondering when or if they’ll be able to go home, some even scared they were going to die. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared. I didn’t know if I’d see my mom or little brother again. 

     One day, this guy came in with a white lab coat, but he didn’t look like a doctor or scientist. He was buff and had a devilish look in his eyes. Maybe it was because of the big beast of a woman behind him. I mean, I don’t discriminate but she looks like she should be fighting Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali at the same time with one arm behind her back, blindfolded, with some marbles in the ring to throw her off balance. She’s BIG strong.

     “Are you ready for experimentation, Mr. Fowlkes?” the man said with a raspy growl in his tone.

     “More experiments? I thought that those were done since I can Professor X everyone now. Who are you anyway?” I said back with an obvious sassy intent.

     “I’m Draygon, and we’re far from done, Samuel. We’re just getting started.” he replied back when more men came in the room.

     “Wow! You’re all here for me? Didn’t realize I was a celebrity in Hades. If you’re here to carry me out, carry me like a damsel who had just been returned home. If anything, I’ll take the big teddy bear back there to carry me, she looks like she could beat The Incredible Hulk in a 1v1.” I said, pointing back at Ms. Growls-A-Lot. She started to charge at me like a bear on steroids but Draygon stepped in.

     “Calm down, Lola.” Draygon said.

     “Lola!” I pitched in while laughing hysterically, “Her name is Lola! Of all the things you could have named your own personal juggernaut, you went with Lola!” I noticed some of the men standing there started to chuckle as well. I don’t do it for the glory but it felt nice that my humor was appreciated.

     “Someone shut him up!” she growled, like literally growled.

     “Oh, she speaks.” I said, then all these men came charging towards me.

They all started to throw punches, but I guess they forgot that I read minds. I knew where each fist was going and where to move to dodge. I made one guy knock out one of the others.

     “Glad that wasn’t my face.” I said as the henchie looked at his error.

He tried to swing again but I dodged once more. That’s when I felt the earth shake. We were all confused until we looked to see Lola, I can’t get over her name, and started charging again. Draygon didn’t stop her this time. But, a beast and a mind reader think alike, she tried to swing at me with her Donkey Kong like hands, I dodge it and she hit the wall at full force, which formed a hole in the side of the room. It doesn’t take a mindreader to know what I did next. I jump out of The Facility and start running. If only I were given the power of flight for this situation.

     Surprisingly, no one chased me. I guess they were afraid of getting caught in the act of physical and mental abuse of minors. I was only a few miles from home so I kept running until my feet couldn’t take it. I didn’t worry about what thoughts I heard as I ran, I was focused on getting home. Finally, I made it. I’ve been gone for 7 months at that point. Do I knock? Do I just walk in? Before I can even get the chance to make up my mind, I hear a thought before the door even opens. It was my mom.

     “Is that him, is my baby actually still alive?” her thoughts said.

     “Yes. I’m home.” I replied instinctively when she opened the door.

I fell into her arms and everyone else’s thoughts went away.

     That’s not the end. Like I said in the beginning, this is an origin story. I haven’t even told you guys the “turning point.” A few months after coming home and adapting to my powers, I see a familiar face on the sidewalk. It was good ‘ol Draygon. I turned around so he wouldn’t see me. But I could hear what he was thinking:

     “Samuel Fowlkes lives in this city. We’re going to find him.”

They’re looking for me. I start walking away, thinking about what to do next. That’s when I decided I had to become someone better than myself. I had to become a hero. I needed to save, not only myself, but everyone else in The Facility. I made that decision last month, ever since then I’ve been tracking Draygon and his monstrous lover, Lola, and anyone else that has ever worked or is currently working with The Facility. Also, I came up with a super awesome super name. But I’m not gonna reveal that until I’m sure it’ll catch on.