The White Stag Legends

Makayla Bell

The white stag may be rare to see but nevertheless not impossible. For fear of poachers, however, the white stag’s location is in fact secret. Last year, discovered in British, the white stag sadly got found and used as a trophy. The white stags were mythicized with many stories and legends behind them. Two said legends were the white stag of Edinburgh and the Island Folkelor white stag. 

The white stag of Edinburgh is an Arthurian legend with King David. The story goes that during hunting for the white stag the king ventured off into the woods alone and there stood the stag. He claimed that the stag had kneeled down in front of him like he was being submissive to the king, however, shortly after he claimed he was fearful for his life. In the legend, they claim the stag represents a change in life forever when you encounter a white stag. The legend of the white stag is still told to this day. 

The second legend is the Island Folklore. In this legend, the stag represents purity and salvation to the kings. This legend took place in North Europe with people known as the Celts. Like the last legend, this one also takes place in a hunt for the stag. During their long journey, they were soon deprived of food and water and were desperate. Soon be told, however, in the bushes was the white stag they called “majestic.” In their desperate hunt for food, they corned the stag by a lake getting ready to kill their prey. As soon as the stag leaped into the water and disappeared out of thin air the men suddenly jumped into the water. As the legend ends it was said that they soon found out about fish during their hunt and found a new source of food to live off of.