What is the “American Dream?”

What is the American Dream?

Andrew Griffith

    What is the “American Dream”? Throughout American history the “American Dream” has always been different according to the culture of the time. For example, the dream to come over and colonize America was for religious freedom and freedom away from British rule. During the 1940s and cold war the “American Dream” was considered to be the obtaining of financial security. What is the American dream now? What is the world encouraging the populous to strive for? I think that the “American Dream” can be interpreted in many ways and is most certainly obtainable.

    During the Cold war and World war two the “American Dream” was all about how much financial security you provided for your family. However, now the entire definition of the“American Dream” has changed. For example, “In the old version, the American Dream was all about owning a home, getting rich, and doing better than one’s parents. The new “American Dream” is now focused on one’s self government. People want to have the ability to live life the way they want to. People now no longer want to devote their lives to a job that restricts their desires and goals. We are moving as society into a new direction. Which is personal freedom.


Throughout life we all have goals and desires. We have a lifetime to accomplish our goals. However, it can go by fast if it’s wasted. There aren’t grand enough words to describe how beautiful life can be. It’s our decision on how we want to dream.