Volleyball Season at an End


Aaron Ashlee Carpenter, Social Media Manager

Over Fall Break the Lady Choctaws volleyball team had their long awaited district tournament games.  This tournament decides whether these girl continue with their season or their season ends.   The tournament was held at Munford this year and the game before ours at 4:30 was Brighton VS Arlington.  Arlington won that match in the 5th set sending Brighton home and then our game, that was set to start at the 5.30, started shortly after at about 6:30.  The Lady Choctaws played Munford and sadly come short in the fourth set.  So that meant Brighton and Dyer County’s season was over putting Munford and Arlington in the regions automatically but Arlington and Munford would play another game after to see who the winner of the whole tournament.  We are so sad to see their season end and this looks like the end of their high school careers for these seven seniors: Mary Malone Adcock, Aaron Ashlee carpenter, Payton Hinson, Cameron Lynn, Gracie Mcvay,  Mckenna Roberston, and Hailey Sipes.