Fiercer then a Jaguar

Mia Townsend, Sports Editor

After winning the Playoffs against the  Kirby Cougars, the Dyer County High School football team went against the Southwind Jaguars on November 15th, 2019. They won with a score of 34-7 giving them another win to add to their streak.  The football game was very fun and energetic, well, at least our side was. The Southwind side was very spiritless and didn’t have many supporters for their team, while our side was almost filled to the brim with people yelling and screaming in support of our football team. With our football team absorbing our positive energy, the Jaguar football team couldn’t keep up. Everyone was so amazing that their scoreboard even had a malfunction. Congrats to the Dyer County Choctaw football team!