Showing them Who’s Boss

On November 22nd, 2019, the Dyer County football team was able to move forward in the Play-Offs after defeating a certain rival, the Henry County Patriots. The Choctaws were able to dominate the game with a score of 31-24. During the first quarter, Henry County had a score of 7 while we had a score of 0. These points only put them a little ahead until 2nd quarter hit. Henry County had scored 10 points and we scored 7 putting the overall score as 17-7. This didn’t stand long, because the Choctaws started picking up the pace a bit. They scored 12 points in both 3rd and 4th quarters while Henry County only scored 7 points during the 3rd quarter. This put the total score at 31-24. The Choctaws would be able to move forward into the Semi-Finals and go against Summit High School. Let’s go Choctaws!