What is going on with college football?


College Sports has been the biggest question to start the school year. Many are asking if they are going to be playing College Football as conferences like the Big Ten, PAC-12, MAC, and the Mountain West. They are moving their fall season to the spring and that is for all sports. Notre Dame is moving to the ACC to play football as they have to be in a conference to play conference games. To accommodate the new COVID rules to have fans, many teams have already released their max capacity for fans. Most are having around 17,000-25,000 fans in attendance while some are not having any fans.


The College Football season has been off to a smooth start as teams have been running off their original schedules. However, some games have already been postponed due to COVID-19. Baylor vs. Louisiana Tech and Tulsa vs. Oklahoma State are notable games that have been postponed. Other than these games, the NCAA’s new rules with how they were going to handle new COVID guidelines has been a success at this point in the college season.  


On Wednesday, September 16th, the Big Ten voted unanimously to play its college football season in the fall. Unlike other conferences, the Big Ten will not have the flexibility with their schedule in case of any problems with COVID as they will have to play their eight-game season in eight weeks. The program will put out a daily program that will put all the team members under rapid daily testing to make sure they don’t have outbreaks that occur within the teams as the teams cannot afford it. If a minor outbreak occurs and the positivity rate exceeds the 5% limit, the team will have to shut down for at least one week. As for the fans, they will be disappointed as the Big Ten is prohibiting fans from the games and will not be going with limited capacity like other teams have been doing.