Among Us Tutorial

Among Us Tutorial

Gabbie Dew, Photographer

If you haven’t played it, you’ve probably heard your friends talking about it or seen memes about it on social media. Among Us is currently ranked as #1 in the app store today with thousands of people playing it. The game is based around a group of astronauts who are sent on different ships to complete their tasks. However, there are imposters on the ship pretending to be crewmates, whose mission is to kill the other crewmates and win the game. If you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering: “How exactly do I play?” I’m here to guide you through your journey as a crewmate and an imposter in the new popular game

Getting Started:

To practice tasks before playing with other people, you can choose the freeplay option to freely roam around the map without the fear of being killed or getting voted out for seeming “sus.” However, if you feel like jumping in with other players, click the online button. After that you will see three categories which are HOST, PUBLIC, and PRIVATE. Host is where you can customize your own game and wait for others to join. Public is where you join a game that has already been created by another player. Private is where you enter a code from a public game in case you want to play with certain people.





As a crewmate, your job in the game is to complete tasks, report any bodies you see, and try to vote out the imposter with your other crewmates.  Once you’ve begun playing, you’ll see your tasks in the upper left hand corner of your screen. In the upper right hand corner, underneath the settings option, you’ll see a map which will tell you which rooms you have tasks in by using an exclamation point. When you enter the room you’re suppose to be in, your task(s) will be lit up by a yellow light. Most of the tasks are simple and easy to figure out. If you are done with your tasks, in security there are cameras that are set up in a few places on the ship which can help you watch and figure out who the imposter is. But remember, imposters are looking for crewmates who are by themselves and focused on a task. Be on the look out, or maybe have a buddy follow you while playing. If you see something suspicious or see someone kill while on cams, there is an emergency button in the cafeteria that you can use to report them to the team.















The imposter’s job in the game is to go around and kill crewmates without getting caught or voted out. On your screen, you will have two options that say kill or sabotage. When clicking sabotage, a map will pop up that will let you decide which room you’d like to sabotage. You can close doors, cut off the lights and oxygen, and cause the reactor to meltdown. Once you’ve killed a crewmate, you can either self report and blame another crewmate that was in that room (not recommended), run from the body, or use a vent to get to a different room without anyone seeing you. The vents, like in the first picture, having a red line around it. Be careful though, because crewmates, can see you pop in and out of vents. Imposters also have a kill cooldown timer that is decided by the host of the game. You cannot kill someone if they see you kill someone else because of this. Remember that there are cameras, and real crewmates may see something you do. Be careful, and try not to get voted out.