Dyer County COVID-19 Rates


Jane Bradlee Forsythe, Social Media Manager

As most of us probably already knew, the COVID-19 rates have risen more and more every day not only in Dyer County, but also statewide. Obviously the numbers of new cases and new tests have increased as of March. However, a good thing is that it looks like the numbers won’t be as high as they were in October. In October, the number of new cases and new tests in Dyer County reached the maximum, reaching 4,133. Hopefully, the number won’t surpass or equal the 4,133 new cases and new tests this month, and as of right now, it’s looking like it won’t. Dyer County is the second county rated for the highest 7-day positivity rate with 24.6% and Lauderdale being the county with the highest percentage of 30%. As of now, it looks like the numbers won’t surpass the numbers in October, but all we can do is hope. Please continue to wear your mask and keep your distance in public!