Should You Get the New Covid-19 Vaccine

Should You Get the New Covid-19 Vaccine

Noah Larson, Journalist

     As of right now, there is a new vaccine for Covid-19, and the questions that will be asked are when will it be available and if people will accept it. The reason for this is because people are going to be scared that the vaccine will backfire just like how people freak out about a flu shot, and how the flu shot gives you the flu.  Another way that people can freak out is if there will be enough for every person. These questions would be answered with research.

     If people are scared that the vaccine will not be effective at stopping the severe spread of the disease there is research that shows that the vaccine would work. The drugmaker Modera developed a vaccine for the coronavirus, and with an experiment, they have found out that the vaccine is  94.1 percent effective. For people who believe that there will still be a chance that the vaccine will not work when you look at what qualifies a vaccine to be effective according to science, this experiment shows that the vaccine is qualified. The new data would also show that the vaccine would be 100 percent effective at stopping the spread of diseases by the coronavirus.


     The question if there will be enough for everyone is answered by the same drugmakers that developed the vaccine. Mr. Bancel of Modera has told reporters that the company is on track to make over 20 million doses of the vaccine by the end of December, and once 2021 rolled around 500 million to almost a billion doses would be made. The reason why people believe that there will not be enough is because of people having to have two doses of the vaccine. To help with this Pfizer has produced 50 million doses of the vaccine, but there would have to be two doses for each person. The vaccine will be provided to essential workers first then it would be provided to the people.


     The first vaccine injections may be given on December 21st, and with this I suggest people look at research and decide what they would like to do. I would not force anybody to do what they would not like, but I would want them to consider it.