The Theory of Time Travel

The Theory of Time Travel

Noah Larson, Journalist

Time travel is a modern trope that is used in many movies and shows, and when people look at how it works they are amazed. When I first saw this happen in a movie I thought it was really cool, but I did not think about it fully at the time. As time moves forward I started to think more about it and once I sat down and did some research the thought came up: what if time travel was real.

When figuring out a way for a person to time travel a person could try to find a black hole. This is a theory that my friend Ethan and I were talking about one day, and we found out that if a person wants to go with this theory first a person must be near a black hole and they have to get in it. Then Ethan found out from a channel on Youtube that mostly deals with space that as you are facing outward and not toward the center of the black hole you will go back to where light was first found. This is not a real answer to time travel but a theory, and I say that because a black hole will most likely suck you in and you will not survive long enough to see the past.

The second theory that Etan and I were thinking about ways that you could travel through a wormhole. This theory could work because since it is a hole in space and time a person could travel through, and they could be in another time. This theory has one downside though and this is that a person finding a wormhole is rare. This theory could work but if the wormhole was found, and it would be better this way than trying to go through a black hole.

The third theory that I mainly I have thought about was if a person could travel at an extreme speed they could travel time. This theory is shown in the movie Back to the Future, and it could work but a person would have to travel at the speed of light. This is fast and a person can not naturally go this fast plus the technology that we have now could not get a person to go as fast as the speed of light. This theory also has many more questions to it and one of them is how will a person achevie this speed, and then if a person keeps thinking about this how could a person survive going at the speed of light. This theory would be most effective once we have the technology that could get us to the speed of light.

With most theories you will run into questions and a one thing that Ethan had was if the universe keeps track of history. Once he told me this I started to think on it, and then we had a conversation about this. A point that both of us had came too was if you went in the past and took yourself out would you still be there in the future or would you disappear. Another point is if you went to the past and you met yourself would the you that traveled back in time disappear so that time could fix itself, or could you live in the same time with your past self. These points should be taken into account and if a person thinks more about this the idea of time travel starts to expand in their mind. The reason I say this is because as the more I learn about this I want to learn more and try to figure out how to time travel.