New CDC guidelines


Noah Larson, Journalist

With the new CDC guidelines, the older generation can rejoice since they were the first to get the vaccine which means that they can finally see their grandchildren without the fear of getting the virus. Another thing that has come from the new guidelines is that if you have the vaccine you do not have to wear your mask when you are with a group of vaccinated people. This new guideline also says that a person who is vaccinated does not have to social distance from others, these new guidelines are excellent for those getting the vaccine.

One part of the guidelines that has been added is that a vaccinated person can be around others that may not be vaccinated, and they would not have to get tested. This is to say if you are not vaccinated and you are around others that have not been vaccinated you need to get tested, or you should try your best to stay away from a group of people and if you can’t wear a mask. Even though a person is vaccinated if they feel like they have symptoms of Covid the guidelines say that they should get tested.

Things that will not change for vaccinated people are that the guidelines still ask that a person still protect themselves and others from the virus. The CDC asks that the people with the vaccination still wear a mask and stay 6 feet away apart when they are in public and with unvaccinated people from more than one other household. They also ask that people still stay away from large gatherings of people. Another thing the CDC asks is that people delay domestic and international travel, and if a person does travel they would need to follow the CDC guidelines that are enforced in that area.

With more understanding of the virus, experts have found out that this vaccine is preventing the virus from causing serious illness and death. This means that if these new guidelines are being built on the foundation of this new information we are in good hands. Regarding this new information, I still believe that the vaccinated person should still wear a mask like the rest of the people who have not been vaccinated.