The Shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.


Noah Larson, Journalist

There has been another shooting and this one happened in Elizabeth North Carolina. The reason for the shooting was before Brown got shot the sheriff’s went to Brown home because he had a drug-related warrant. According to sheriffs, Brown tried to leave the house and flee the scene and while he was fleeing he was shot fatally.

Brown’s family will be shown the bodycam footage of the shooting to find out what really happened that day. There will also be a new conference held with the lawyers that got the family of George Floyd  27 million dollars from the civil lawsuit. People are also wondering if the footage will be released publically. Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II is trying to talk to the judge to see if they could release the footage without it hampering the case. He is hoping that the footage will be available for the public by Monday.

This would be released after the family attorney, local clergy, and civil rights leaders would demand that the footage be released as soon as possible. Rev. William Barber II would say in the press conference, “America, here is the issue: A warrant is not a license to kill, even if a suspect supposedly drives away,” Barber said at the news conference attended by several of Brown’s children and other family members. “A warrant is not permission to shoot someone.”

The Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper would ask that the footage of the shooting should be out swiftly, and it should not be out by Monday. It has been around 7 days since the shooting and the authorities are still limiting the information to the public. With this, there has been a protest with 18,000 people that has taken place.

Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools are now operating on a full remote schedule because of the civil unrest that is in the community.