Thanksgiving Football 2021

Thanksgiving Football 2021

Ryan Larson

Thanksgiving football has been a tradition that’s been around as far back as 1934 when they played the Chicago Bears. This tradition of thanksgiving football still holds true today and we have some exciting matchups this thanksgiving.  

The first game that will take place is the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions where Justin Fields who has recently gotten the start will take on veteran quarterback Jarred Goff. Jarred Goff and the Lions have had a bad season so far going 0-8 whereas the Bears, who are 3-6, haven’t had the best of seasons either.   Both teams have good quarterbacks and a decent receiving core so I believe that this will be a tight game and it will come down to the defensive side of the game.  My prediction for this exciting matchup is the Bears will take the win 21-7 Thanksgiving morning.

The next big matchup of Thanksgiving is the Raiders versus the Cowboys where Derek Carr will take on Dak Prescott.  Both teams have had good seasons so far, the Raiders going 5-3 and the Cowboys 6-2, so I believe it’ll be an exciting matchup.  The Cowboys do have a better receiving core and a better running core however the Raiders have a better defense allowing fewer points from their opponents per game by a small but dramatic difference.  I believe the Cowboys could take the win if they could get their defense locked in and can stop the Raider’s offense.  However, I will have to say that the Raiders will take this game in a close game 27-25.

The final matchup that will go down Thanksgiving night is a battle between the Buffalo Bills, led by Josh Allen, and the New Orleans Saints, led by Jamis Winston.  Both teams have great receiving cores the Saints have Deonta Harris, Tre’quan Smith, and Alvin Kamara who is a monster in the run and receiving game.  Whereas the Bills have Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasly, and Emanual Sanders.  I believe this will be an exciting matchup against equally good teams.  However, the Saints have a big defensive advantage against the Bills with Cam Jordan, Marcus Davenport, Marshon Lattimore, Demario Davis, and other great defensive players. I believe that the Saints will take the win come Thanksgiving in a blowout 28-7.

I hope everyone enjoys these exciting matchups come Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.