Behavior in Sports

Trent Wilson

Antonio Brown, the latest talk in sports, has not had the best behavior over the past few years. The once pro wide reciever was having an incredible year with 545 receiving yards with 42 receptions. Antonio Brown showed unacceptable behavior in a middle of a game proceeding to take off his pads, undershirt, and glove, walking off the feild giving the piece sign. This is not the first time Brown has show this kind of behavior when in 2018 with the Pittsburgh Steelers he was benched for a knee injury and lack of information. Coach Mike Tomlin said that Wednesday off that week Brown had reportely thrown a football at Ben Roethlisberger and was mad a JuJu- Smith Schuster for being named team MVP.

Brown isn’t the only player who has shown this type of behavior in sports. Some players include Alex Rodriquez, Micheal Phelps, Rodger Clemens, and David Ortiz. All these players have shown bad behaviors and have proven to be a hot head or have gotten into trouble off the feild. If you are a proffesional athlete the sport you play is your job so you have to treat it like a job. You have to show a professional behavior and show you know how to act. If in sports you don’t get enough playing time or don’t like your teammates then you have to get over it because your going to meet people you don’t like but you have to professional about it and treat them the same as you would anybody else. Acting out in sports is a sign of inmaturity and it shows that you can’t handle the job you have. You need to have a professional behavior when you are a professional athlete or you need to find a different job. Good behavior in sports is a big quality that shows your maturity and your ability to work with other people. Behavior in sports is a big topic right now and players need to show good quality behavior in sports instead of the bad behavior shown by some players.